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MPEAs are alloys that form solid solution phases and consist three or more principal metallic elements. Due to their unique microstructures and chemical compositions, MPESs exhibit high strengths at elevated temperatures, excellent fracture toughness at low temperatures, outstanding strength-ductility combination, novel functional properties, as well as superior hardness. (Figure credits: Li et al., 2019)

Mg-alloy: Mg is the lightest structural metal, abundant in Earth, recyclable, and biocompatible. These properties make Mg attractive for automotive, aerospace, and biomedical applications. However, Mg has low ductility, making it difficult to process at room temprature and preventing its use in many applications. One of the goal for studing Mg-alloys is to create new ductile property. (Figure credit: edited from app Periodic Table)


RPV steels:there are two primary functions of a RPV in light water reactors: 1, to increase the coolant-moderator pressure in order to elevate its boiling point and the reactor’s energy conversion efficiency; 2, to act as a barrier to the release of radioactivity under all conceivable circumstances, requiring very large structural integrity margins to prevent rapid brittle vessel fracture. The study of ductile-to-brittle transition of RPV steels are crucial for nuclear application safety. (Figure credit: IMGBIN)


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